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The Day the Music Died

SoundCube recording an immersive soundfield. If you play this recording back correctly, you will hear what you would hear if you were sitting where the device is.   Prolog The CD killed “high fidelity.”  Before turning away in disgust, read a … Continue reading

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And now for something entirely different…

As might be deduced from my last piece by the astute reader, I am, to say the least, into music. In my main music room one may hear barbershop, classical Chinese opera, Buddy Holly, Pete Fountain, a mechanical band box, … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to Hi-Fi? The American Pastime of a Passed Time

We gathered around pianos, then around gramophones, then around radios, and then around our high fidelity systems. Even TV didn’t much retard a nation that loved to share good music. However, something finally unseated the entire concept except for a few. This is an overview of what happened. Continue reading

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A funny thing happened on the way to the future…

I’ve been a music lover since my earliest memories.  The two earliest are one of Sacred Harp singing in a wooden church lit, I kid you not, by kerosene lamps on the wall.  The one I can put a date … Continue reading

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