About my blog

My header image is one I took at one of my favorite places in the world, the Cossatot River in Arkansas about 10 miles east of Wickes.  It reminds me of Lao Tzu’s admonition that “the bow that does not bend is soon broken.”  I have spent several decades trying to learn how to relax and go with the flow.  This blog is yet another effort to clear my mind of fantasies and monsters of the Id and be able to look up at the night sky less in wonder and more in oneness.

I do an awful lot of thinking, and probably do a lot of awful thinking.  Problem is that since nobody can hear my thinking it’s only subject to correction by chance.

That’s where you come in, and the reason for the tag line “Helping to build a better Dave.”  I am going to try to put a lot of my thoughts here as the spirit moves me, and your job will be to correct stink’n think’n, help give me a check up from the neck up, and direct me towards TRVTH.  Please, do NOT assume that I am convinced of the inherent “rightness” of everything I post.

While all opinions are welcome, please try to offer links or other support to your pushback when appropriate.  It’s fine to say “Well, Dave, that’s just BS,” but don’t expect me to consider that as a valid argument.  One of my favorite maxims is “It’s not enough to object, you must offer an alternative.”

My interests are too wide-ranging to list and so you may expect almost anything from quantum computing to pipe organs.

Finally, let me apologize in advance if my responses offend or insult.  It is never my intention, but I love to debate and defend my positions vigorously.  While my opinions may appear to be monster battleships cruising defiantly, a single well placed fact is all it takes to sink one.


2 Responses to About my blog

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mr.Mallette. t has been a long time since i have read something that has touched me as your post on your “But I was in shock” blog. Reading it ,One knows it came from a loveing heart. May GOD bless you and yours

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