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The Myth of the “Sustainable Future”

In the past few years I’ve become increasingly antagonistic towards the environmentalists.  Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT for trashing the place, pumping crud into the atmosphere, or leveling the remaining rain forests.  As a matter of fact, if … Continue reading

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Leave the legal aspects of marriage to the state

One of the burning issues of the day is that of gay marriage.  No question the states can define “marriage” as whatever their constituents wish.  Man and donkey, woman and orangutan, or complimenting chairs.   I have no issue with that aspect … Continue reading

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A High Churchman of the Anglican Catholic Tradition

For years when asked about my faith I have described myself succinctly as “high Churchman of the Anglican catholic tradition” to fellow Episcopalians.  However, it’s only recently come to my attention how little understood this statement is…even though it’s pretty … Continue reading

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Quantum Computing – Perhaps the Singularity is Near?

Matrix looks like a real, relatively near term possibility. Not far after, Singularity. Capital “S” because ryhmes with “Godhead.” My theology has always had room for “God” being both the beginning and end of evolution…after all, He describes Himself as … Continue reading

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The full extent of my ignorance…

I do an awful lot of thinking, and probably do a lot of awful thinking.  Problem is that since nobody can hear my thinking it’s only subject to correction by chance. That’s where you come in, and the reason for … Continue reading

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