Are you religious?

ReligionAre you religious?


What kind?


What kind?

The kind who believes in Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior.

That’s not what I mean. I mean what church do you belong to?

The one holy catholic and apostolic church.

Oh, you are Catholic.

Of course, all Christians are.

Oh. So you believe those who aren’t Catholic aren’t Christian?

Of course they aren’t. How could they be if they are not part of the church?

Pretty harsh.

I didn’t make the rules.

No. I guess your pope did.

My pope? I don’t have a pope.

I thought you said you were Catholic.

No, I said I am catholic.


Sorry. Didn’t know you meant capital “C” as in “Roman Catholic.” Never have been happy with the Church of Rome getting away with that. Don’t much care for it in print as it is, by both dictionary and theological definition, a misuse, but the fix has been in so long few even understand that “catholic” is an adjective, not a proper noun. There is only one church, but it worships in a variety of ways and through a variety of business units made of those of like minds and preferences. All but a few percent are in harmony with the Nicene Creed and the vast majority use it or the similar Apostles Creed regularly.

You’re weird.   So, what denomination are you?

My preference is for the Anglican rite, which I practice on a regular basis. But I am quite happy where 2 or 3 are gathered in His name.

You are being evasive.

Perhaps. But division is not a good thing, and my loyalty is to THE church, not some piece of it. If called to witness, I witness only the risen Lord and His church…which has no earthly headquarters.

But many denominations require their priests and ministers to practice only within their denomination and do not recognize the ministry of others.

Yes, and I find that rather odd. As Christians, we join Christ in His eternal priesthood and are enjoined to minister to all peoples. I have seen many ordination papers on walls and the majority say that person is ordained to the one holy catholic and apostolic church. No qualification at all.  Why should a priest or minister be constrained from doing that which all Christians are required to do by His command?

You mean they can minister to anyone?

Yes, and no. While not privy to the things that go on in seminaries, I am told they also swear loyalty to their denomination and promise to act only within its belief structure. I find that theologically unsupportable and personally don’t believe God would recognize such an oath as valid. Such an oath would bar me from ministry. Perhaps that is why it is there…

Fascinating. The idea of a church made of diverse groups, differing in worship but all accepting those from other rites as Christian brothers and sisters, is a powerful idea.

Indeed. Pretty much in line with my understanding of what He had in mind.

Such a church would be an incredible force for good, and a light to all nations.

Pretty much also in line with my understanding of what He had in mind.

Even so, come, Lord Jesus!




About malletteblog

If folks respond and push back, I will continue this blog. I do this to learn, not to teach. While I will defend my positions vigorously I will change them immediately upon evidence they are incorrect. This is how I learn, and I appreciate all efforts to help me not be a fool who learns only by experience.
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2 Responses to Are you religious?

  1. iain42 says:

    No way Hosea. It took me years to deprogram my mind. Feeling much better now.

    • malletteblog says:

      No problem iain42. If you read it you will note it wasn’t proselytizing. Mostly a Christian to Christian thing. While I personally came to the belief that a universe without a higher intelligence required far greater faith than that of which I was capable, I have a number of close friends who firmly believe man is the greatest power in the universe and there is no other. Some are in between, but that creates problems for them in that the age of the universe means some of those intelligences would have, over billions of years, evolved to beings that would be indistinguishable from any of the gods of the major religions. No matter what you choose to believe, infinity comes back to haunt you.

      Oddly, one side of my theology suggests that the “no higher intelligence than man” bunch might be the case. That is based on one way of looking at Nietzsche in a certain way and mating it with an infinitely repeated cycle that begins each time with the ultimate Overman stating “Let there be light” (signaling the beginning of time…again) and repeating the process of learning all there is to know. However, as it exists fairly comfortably with my Christianity it’s not a worry to any except perhaps some of my clergy. If you are going to believe in the infinite, your beliefs must have infinite bandwidth.

      Glad you are feeling better!

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