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If folks respond and push back, I will continue this blog. I do this to learn, not to teach. While I will defend my positions vigorously I will change them immediately upon evidence they are incorrect. This is how I learn, and I appreciate all efforts to help me not be a fool who learns only by experience.

The Way

Enlightenment comes in silently, like snow. It comes for some early, as with my daughter. For others, like me, only after a lifetime. It came to me this way. To walk without footprints To breath without breath To die and … Continue reading

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A Simple Faith

I have now studied the earliest Christian writers and the history of the Christian church long enough to realize one key thing:  It’s an inherently simple faith.  All that is asked is belief in Jesus Christ as son of God.  … Continue reading

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“But I was in Shock,” The Backstory

Doing a bit of looking at old archives I found the video of the only sermon I ever preached with a license. St. Andrews Church, Fort Worth, Ash Wednesday, 2000. I post it here for the several thousand who have … Continue reading

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On Communion

Having spent a couple of decades reading the works of the contemporaries and immediate successors to the apostles, I find myself in direct contradiction to catholic tradition on the central act of Christian worship, the Eucharist. All churches of the … Continue reading

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

  Special day. Old friend of mine who I went to school with from the 4th grade through high school dropped by. He’s a Coleman lantern collector…though I only found that out recently. Clearly, you’ll get the gist of this … Continue reading

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  Cleopatra was my mother’s cat, or vice versa.  Hard to tell.  When she was perhaps 10 years old she was hit by a vehicle and her pelvis shattered.  My mother was the most frugal of persons in most things, … Continue reading

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Homoousian: The One Word Behind “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, One God, now and forever, Amen”

– Homoousian (/ˌhɒmoʊˈuːsiən/ HOM-oh-OO-see-ən; Ancient Greek: ὁμοούσιος, from the Ancient Greek: ὁμός, homós, “same” and Ancient Greek: οὐσία, ousía, “being”) is a technical theological term used in discussion of the Christian understanding of God as Trinity. The Nicene Creed describes Jesus … Continue reading

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